Best Youtube Trading Channels For Stocks, Forex & Crypto

You may already know that Youtube has the biggest collection of videos in the world and has become a leading source for learning online. It is also becoming one of the main sources of knowledge to learn about trading.

The popularity of Youtube for traders keeps growing. Almost every trader has a channel, recording their experiences and sharing their thoughts to achieve expected success. Where trading is quite fruitful, it needs to be done strategically and with some basic knowledge. So which Youtube channel among thousands is the best to learn to trade?

If you’re like me, you want someone who will give a straightforward and honest opinion on the market and some genuine knowledge of how things actually work. So, in this post, I’ve compiled the top five channels that I believe will help you make your trading experience amazing.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Steven Dux

In the realm of Day Trading, Steven Dux is a prominent name who teaches short selling and Stock Investing.

Trader Nick

Being an active and experienced trader in Stock Market and Currency, He shares his useful tips and realistic approaches for Trading and Investing.

True Trading Group

True Trading Group is the largest online trading educational community that holds a goal; to Learn, Trade, and Profit Together.

Sky View Trading

Sky View Trading is an authentic platform that guides proven methods and techniques to make consistent six-figures by Trading Options.

Eddie Moon

At Eddie Moon’s channel, you can learn the right strategies for Investing, maintaining Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Top 5 Best Youtube Channels to learn Trading In 2022

Here is a list of my top 5 Youtube channels you can watch to learn how to trade this year.

1.  Steven Dux for Short Selling

Best Overall Youtube Channel for Shortselling and Day Trading

Day trading educator Steven Dux has made over $11 million through audited deals, which he has released publicly and certified by third-party accounting organizations. His teaching program, The Freedom Challenge, is considered among the best in the world, and he is ranked in the top one percent of day trading instructors.

Steven started his Youtube channel in August 2017 and began teaching short selling most effectively. He currently has 247K subscribers and a very good engagement on his videos, as we all know people trust him and his teachings. Steven teaches day trading and its easiest methods and tricks. He also collaborates with other big names like Triforce Trader to share their worthy experiences with the audience.


Best For

Day Trading and Short Selling








Steven Dux channel is a great channel to learn basic trading if you are just starting or looking for trading methods that work.

The second channel that inspires us the most is

2. Trader Nick for Forex Trading

Best Informational Channel for Forex Trading

Trader nick is another big name in trading who is more into teaching Forex trading and sharing his experiences via live stream with his audience. He started his channel in November 2018, and since then, he has been actively posting videos to teach Forex trading.

The channel owner runs a financial software & news company called A1 Trading. s a financial market specialist, A1 Trading provides news and analysis on the markets, develops trading software, and maintains online forums for investors.

As an active participant in the foreign exchange and stock markets, he uses his channel to discuss his trading strategies and experiences. You can learn from his real-money trades, insightful commentary, and grounded perspective on the currency market and investment strategies.


Best For

Learning Forex Trading





Total Videos:



If you want to learn Forex trading and get into basic concepts via live streaming, then you must subscribe to trader nick’s Youtube channel.

Here comes our next choice;

3. True Trading Group for Large-cap Stock Trading

Hub of Knowledge of Large-cap Trading Stock

If you’re interested in large-cap trading stocks, the True Trading Group’s channel on YouTube is a great resource. The channel, launched in 2017, has in-depth video lessons on day trading and on-demand trading, trading materials, and a supportive community.

There is only one purpose for True Trading Group (TTG), the largest and highest-rated online trading instructional community: to educate its members to make money through trading. Michael Edward, a former award-winning trader for a hedge fund, now heads up TTG with a staff of expert moderators that cover every angle of trading stocks and options.


Best For

Large-Cap Trading Stocks


96.1K subscribers



Total Videos



If you want complete large-cap stock trading insights and healthy growth in the community, then this Youtube channel and its extensive community of thousands of people is the best thing you would opt to learn from.

Now, let’s talk about the next Youtube Channel for Trading Education.

4. Sky View Trading Channel For Options Trading

Best and Specialized Channel in Option Trading

Sky View trading Youtube channels specialize in option trading methods and teach people their proven methods of making consistent money via trading options. Starting in 2012, this trading channel has shown detailed tutorials for teaching options trading to beginners and day traders.

They provide trading plans for novices and those with years of experience and a six-figure trading account. The top 10% of traders reportedly account for 90% of all trading profits. Sky View Trading helps you join that top 10% of traders by being as honest and open with you as possible.

There is a comprehensive options trading series on the channel, with one playlist aimed at newbies and another providing more advanced information and instruction for more seasoned traders.


Best For

Option Trading





Total Videos:



If you’re starting out in options trading, the Sky View Trading channel is a great place to learn everything you need to know.

Last on the list is:

5- Eddie Moon for Crypto Trading

Best Learning Platform for Day-Night Crypto Trading

Eddie Moon is a day-night Cryptocurrency trader with immense success in Crypto trading. He started his Youtube channel in 2013, where he posts a highly informative video weekly. He targets mostly beginner traders and teaches them the basics. The channel contains almost 200+ videos covering detailed tutorials, tips, goal-setting strategies, and how-tos.

Eddie also offers a variety of courses, in-depth strategy reviews, and discussions of trading psychology, all presented in a lighthearted, entertaining style that many of his viewers find the material more accessible. He has detailed playlists on his channel featuring cryptocurrencies, Pionex, Blockfi, investing tips, and much more.


Best For

Day-Night Crypto Trading





Total Videos:



Learning from Eddie’s extensive knowledge of technical and cyclical analysis and his emphasis on trading psychology is a win-win for every beginner to the intermediate trader.

Key Takeaways

Thinking about learning the basics of trading and starting in 2022 is still not late. Thankfully we have these great Youtube channels that teach us trading from A to Z and make it as easy as pie for us. Just go and check out these channels and add them to your subscription list if you want to become a pro trader this year.

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