Cayman Islands: A Tax-Free Haven Paradise for the Wealthy

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, offers a tax-free haven for wealthy investors and entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of their zero tax policy. With its close proximity to the US and Canada, the Cayman Islands offers better infrastructure and networking opportunities than other Caribbean islands such as St. Kitts or Antigua. In this article, we will explore how to live or start a base in the Cayman Islands, the requirements for residency permits, and how to potentially qualify for citizenship through living in the Cayman Islands.

Temporary and Permanent Residence Permits

The Cayman Islands offer two types of residence permits: temporary and permanent. The temporary residence permit is a 25-year permit, and the permanent residence permit is, as the name suggests, permanent. To obtain the temporary residence permit, you need to spend 30 days per year in the Cayman Islands. However, these 30 days do not need to be continuous. The requirements for obtaining this permit include investing 1.2 million USD in real estate in the islands, showing an income of $145,000 USD, or having $480,000 in a Cayman Islands bank account.

For the permanent residence permit, you need to invest double the amount of the temporary permit, which is 2.4 million USD in real estate. However, you only need to spend one day per year in the Cayman Islands to maintain this permit. After five years of holding a permanent residence permit, you can obtain a British Overseas Territory passport. With this passport, you can apply for British citizenship after 12 months, and become a British citizen without paying taxes to the UK.

Real Estate in the Cayman Islands

One of the advantages of the Cayman Islands is that the real estate you purchase for both the temporary and permanent residence permits is on the open market. This means that you can negotiate the price and buy a beautiful villa or house that suits your preferences. The Cayman Islands also allow foreigners to acquire land without any restrictions, making it an attractive option for those interested in purchasing land.

Living in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer excellent infrastructure, healthcare, and education compared to other Caribbean islands. They have many doctors in comparison to the overall population and offer schools and services for both children and adults. The education system in the Cayman Islands includes British and American schools, making it an attractive option for expats with children.

The Cayman Islands also offer good connectivity to the US, and if you have a yacht, you can easily explore other islands in the Caribbean. However, keep in mind that the Cayman Islands, like most other Caribbean islands, are susceptible to hurricanes.

Expanding Your Worldwide Wealthy Expat Plan

If you have considerable net worth, you can use the Cayman Islands as one of your bases in your worldwide wealthy expat plan. You can have different bases all over the world in countries that offer tax-free or territorial tax that does not tax your foreign income. The Cayman Islands offer a tax-free haven without any hassle, making it a great fit for those who want to be close to the US and are interested in high-infrastructure and excellent networking islands.


In conclusion, the Cayman Islands offer an attractive option for wealthy individuals who seek a tax-free haven with excellent infrastructure, healthcare, education, and networking opportunities. With their permanent and temporary residence permits, the process of obtaining residency and citizenship in the Cayman Islands is relatively straightforward, with the added benefit of being able to negotiate on the open market for real estate. If you’re interested in expanding your worldwide wealthy expat plan, the Cayman Islands can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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