Cyprus Citizenship by Investment: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

A Comprehensive Guide to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

The Appeal of Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus, known as a banking haven and playground for Russian billionaires, offers an interesting citizenship by investment program. The program allows individuals to obtain European Union citizenship within a matter of months without the residence, time, and connection requirements that other countries like Malta have.

What You Need to Know About Cyprus

Cyprus is one of two European Union countries that offers citizenship by investment. It is part of the European Union but not in the Schengen area. Cyprus has one of the best passports globally, allowing its holders to travel to most countries without a visa. However, it is not a US visa waiver program country, so Cypriot citizens still need to apply for a US visa.

The Investment Process for Cyprus Citizenship

There are a few paths to obtain Cyprus citizenship by investment, but the most straightforward one involves investing €2 million in real estate and maintaining that investment for five years (recently increased from three years). Additionally, applicants must maintain a personal home worth €500,000 for life. If purchasing resale property instead of buying from a developer, the investment amount increases to €2.5 million.

Moreover, Cyprus now requires two donations totaling €150,000—one to fund research efforts (or invest in companies conducting research) and another to build affordable housing.

Tax and Business Considerations

Cyprus is a relatively tax-friendly place for certain types of activities and has been described as a tax haven within the European Union. However, its banking and incorporation sectors have lost some of their luster, so potential investors should be cautious.

Pros and Cons of Cyprus Citizenship


  1. EU membership and the high quality of the passport.
  2. Relatively tax-friendly environment for certain types of activities.
  3. A beautiful country with good weather and attractive lifestyle options.


  1. Not a US visa waiver program country, requiring Cypriot citizens to apply for a US visa.
  2. Cyprus’s small size and dependence on the citizenship by investment program could make the real estate market volatile if the program shuts down.
  3. The high cost of investment compared to other citizenship by investment options.

Is Cyprus Citizenship Worth It?

For high net worth individuals, the decision to invest in Cyprus citizenship depends on their personal goals and risk tolerance. For Western entrepreneurs with six, seven, or eight-figure net worth, the opportunity cost of investing in Cyprus may outweigh the benefits. In these cases, building a portfolio of passports and obtaining European Union residence by investment at a lower price point might be a better option.


However, for those with the resources to invest in Cyprus without significantly affecting their finances, the citizenship by investment program may be worth considering. As always, potential investors should carefully weigh their options and consider their unique circumstances before making a decision.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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