Five Fastest Countries to Obtain Citizenship in 2023

Welcome to our guide on the top five fastest countries to obtain citizenship in 2023. In this post, we will discuss various options available for people who are interested in acquiring citizenship quickly without spending a fortune. We will also provide a bonus country where you can get citizenship instantly. Let’s dive in!

1. Argentina

Citizenship within two years

Argentina offers the possibility of obtaining citizenship within two years. Although some bureaucratic hurdles may slow down the process, under the right circumstances, it can be a relatively quick and straightforward path to citizenship.

2. Peru

Citizenship within two years

Peru is another Latin American country that offers a potentially fast route to citizenship. Like Argentina, the process may take two years. Having the right connections in the country can significantly impact the timeline and ease of obtaining citizenship.

3. Dominican Republic

Citizenship within two years

The Dominican Republic is an attractive option for those seeking a quick and easy path to citizenship. With a beautiful climate and various lifestyle benefits, this Caribbean nation offers citizenship within two years. The passport may not be as strong as other countries’, but the fast acquisition time makes it an appealing option.

4. Uruguay

Citizenship within three years

Uruguay is a popular destination for those seeking residency and a fast track to citizenship. With a relatively quick timeline of three years, Uruguay presents an attractive option for those looking to obtain a second passport.

5. Canada

Citizenship within three years

Canada is an excellent option for those seeking a top-tier passport with a relatively quick timeline. To apply for citizenship, you need to have lived in Canada for 1,095 days (three years) out of the last five years. Although Canada has a higher tax burden, the country’s strong reputation and visa-free travel make it an appealing choice.

Bonus: Cape Verde

Instant citizenship through marriage

Cape Verde, a small island nation, offers instant citizenship through marriage. With a population of only 500,000 and 30% living below the poverty line, Cape Verde may not be a popular choice. However, if you’re looking for one of the fastest and easiest routes to citizenship, it is worth considering.

Other Interesting Options

In addition to the five countries and bonus option mentioned above, Poland presents an interesting alternative. Citizenship through naturalization might not be easy, but Polish citizenship can be obtained through marriage. The Polish president also has the power to bestow citizenship upon individuals.

If you’re interested in exploring any of these options, feel free to reach out for personalized advice and direction. While some of the fastest routes to citizenship may require marriage or residency, there are numerous opportunities to obtain a second passport in a relatively short amount of time.

In Conclusion

Obtaining a second citizenship can provide numerous benefits, such as increased global mobility, access to new markets, and an improved quality of life. The five countries listed above – Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Canada – offer some of the fastest routes to citizenship available in 2023. With the bonus option of instant citizenship in Cape Verde through marriage, there are various choices for those seeking a quick path to a second passport.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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