How to Buy a Profitable Online Business (and where to buy it)

Becoming a successful businessperson is the dream of every young and novel entrepreneur. However, the first step towards your success is the nature of the business you own and run. Running a profitable online business and executing your ideas successfully isn’t a piece of cake.

There are over 582 million entrepreneurs globally, and each one wants to buy a profitable online business that can generate massive profits in the long run. But there is a never-ending list of online businesses, and choosing one from millions can be a shocking thing even to imagine.

So, how will you buy a profitable online business when Google is brimming with countless searches and results? To get your answer, continue reading the rest of the article.

Buy an Online Business or Start a New One

Building a business from square one is risky. You start by figuring out your market niche, building a concept, financing your idea, structuring a website, and promoting it. For that first sale, your business financials may exceed the set limit.

Setting up a constant income stream is a lengthy task. You never know when any google algorithm update may hit you and lower your business ranking.

The statistics show that 20% of startups fail in their first year, 30% by the second year, and 50% by their fifth year.

So, is there a shorter route to a loyal customer base and a worthwhile online presence? Yes, there is! Buying an online business is a secure way to get these advantages and many more.

  • An established business framework.
  • Start earning from day one.
  • Capitalize on the existing concept.
  • Established social channels.
  • Passed the google sandbox period.
  • Easy financing by banks.
  • Strong and developed brand.
  • Solved problems and dangers.
  • Higher return rate.

So, buying a profitable online business is the best way get all these perks.

Top 2 Websites to Buy an Online Business

Online marketplaces are the perfect spot to buy or sell a business. They ensure secure and safe transactions and transfer of assets. Following are some best websites to buy a profitable online business:

1- Flippa

Dealing in a wide range of niches, is the biggest online marketplace for the trade of profitable online businesses. Founded in 2009, it has since facilitated the sale of 300,231 assets with three million users worldwide. The comes with hosts of features and some of them are listed below.

  • Listings: The listings on Flippa are detailed and transparent. They are examined down to the last detail by their in-house verification team. They include site age, monthly profits, revenue multiple, page views and profit multiple.
  • Buyer: Signing up as a buyer on the marketplace is free.
  • Metrics: Their team acquires correct metrics by partnering with leading technology companies such as Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Quick Books Online, and more.
  • Broker Help: If you need brokers to assist with your purchase, Flippa also helps you find the right broker.
  • Escrow: Access to payments along with Escrow is available.
  • Other Services: Verified sellers and buyers, valuation of listings, and fund verified buyers.

Find the most relevant match at market price and low success fees of 15%. If you wish to sell or buy a start-up website, start with Flippa marketplace.

2- Empire Flippers

For friction-free sales and purchases of profitable online businesses, Empire Flippers offers its services. Established in 2013, they have helped trade $400 million worth of online business assets. Some features of Empire Flippers are given below:

  • Sell For Free: Where can I sell my business for free? Well, Empire Flippers provides free listings to the sellers on their marketplace. They make a commission if you succeed in the sale of your business.
  • Due Diligence: This service is available to buyers to investigate the listings.
  • Organized Search: They offer search tools and a personal dashboard to assemble your searches.
  • Listings: Listings are of high quality and pass-through intensive background research.
  • Escrow: Payments are through Escrow.
  • Other Services: They provide services like personal brokers and the promotion of sites.

Empire flippers provide high-quality listings, but their price range for websites is higher.

Which Online Business Should I Buy?

If you’re interested in flipping assets, you may think, which online business should I buy? Determining which online business to buy depends on you and your interests. Finding the niche that interests you is the first step in choosing the right business to buy.

Even with no interest in flipping assets, conduct thorough market research before you buy an online business.

Here are some examples of profitable online businesses to buy:

1. Blog Sites

Investing in blog sites and maintaining them helps you in the long run. Some prominent factors that can help you decide whether to go for blog sites are the following.

  • Traffic: A blog’s worth depends on the traffic it gets. High traffic means more profit.
  • Earning Tactics: Investing in a pre-existing blog saves you the trouble of setting up a cash stream. A pre-made blog comes with income tactics like ads, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, coaching, and selling products. It saves you time and effort.
  • Passive Income: With a pre-existing blog, you set yourself up to earn passive income. If a blog is already generating revenue, you will get a return on your investment from day one.

Find your niche, and then find the right blog to buy. If you expand on the idea and continue writing great content, then it will increase its existing domain authority (DA).

2. E-Commerce Business

Gearing up an eCommerce business is a time and effort-consuming process. But it is another profitable online business you can buy. Following are some fundamental things to remember while going after an eCommerce business.  

  • Customer Base: Buying an eCommerce business is like buying online real estate. It may be expensive, but it comes with a built-in customer base. And with customers comes an increase in profits.
  • Bypass The Startup Phase: You skip the startup phase of doing market research and finding customers. All the tactics, efforts, and customers are yours to take.
  • Profit: One of the advantages of acquiring a pre-made business is the instant profit you earn. The minute you gain access to it, you can start monetizing it. Scaling an eCommerce business is more efficient than physical businesses and a low-cost process. 

3. SaaS Business

SaaS, also known as software-as-a-service, is a cloud-based online business model. Google, Netflix, and Microsoft Office are some examples of this model. It requires in-depth coding and user-interface knowledge. Let’s see how SaaS is a profitable online business.

  • IT Framework: The purchase of a SaaS business comes with its complete IT framework. You do not need to find developers and designers to build it from square one.
  • Market Breakthrough: An existing SaaS business exists because it succeeded in entering the market. So, if you buy a pre-made business, you gain its market value.
  • Market Data: Years’ worth of market data helps you optimize your conversion rate and search engine. It also helps to improve operating procedures.

So, if you’re still confused about the Blog VS eCommerce VS SaaS, think about your skillsets, budget and market potential of the business. Once you understand you can maintain an existing business, you can go for it.


Now that you understand the advantages of purchasing a profitable online business and the best marketplaces to buy an online business, the only thing left to do is make the purchase. Do your homework and become a business owner.

With all of this knowledge, what’s keeping you from owning a business? Go and buy a profitable online business today!

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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