How to find (winning) Dropshipping products in 2023

Almost 90% of dropshippers fail during the first month of starting their business. Why? Simple—they are not making enough profits. 

Picking the wrong niche and product is the ultimate mistake that dropshippers make at the start of their career. Then, the cherry on top, they target the wrong product in the wrong market. 

You will only get anywhere by testing, testing, and testing. A product that does not sell in the US might sell like hotcakes in another country. But how do you find the right dropshipping product? 

This guide has covered the six best platforms that manually pick the best dropshipping products, analyze their marketing strategies, and help you make profits. 

1. is a single platform with over 50,000 best-selling dropshipping products. You can import them to your WordPress store and start making money without barriers. 

The platform tells you what to sell, saves your time on product research, skyrockets sales growth, and saves money on refunds. It’s a free plug-in that anyone can install on their WordPress site and import all products in a single click. This plug-in makes it easy for sellers to focus on selling their product rather than searching and editing it. 

Simple and easy plug-in to install on WordPressComplicated and lengthy refunds procedure
Searches and edits the product manuallyStock shortages at times 
More than 50,000 best-selling dropshipping products 
Faster conversions than other platforms  

2.     Spocket

Spocket brings you tons of dropshipping suppliers having original US/EU products on a single platform. You can look at all suppliers, decide what you wish to sell, and start your business immediately. 

The platform houses suppliers from around the world, and all products are divided into different categories, so there’s no confusion. You can even order samples of the product to test the product before selling. 

Spocket easily syncs with your dropshipping store. In addition, it integrates flawlessly with Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. 

Easy integration with dropshipping storesIt doesn’t support Etsy, Amazon, and eBay
Fast shipping from the supplierThe seller can’t check the supplier’s inventory 
Order samples to test the product  
Worldwide sellers available on the platform  

3.     Salehoo

With over 8,000+ suppliers and 2.5 million+ products, Salehoo is the ultimate directory of dropshipping products. You can choose the SaleHoo directory or SaleHoo Dropship to start your business.

The SaleHoo Directory allows you to identify winning products, choose sellers with advanced search, negotiate prices, and start selling. The SaleHoo Dropship enables you to choose from thousands of products, export them to your Shopify, sell all products in one place, and automate your store. You can even find wholesalers with zero or low minimum order criteria. 

Millions of products and thousands of suppliers in one placeThe profit margin is not as high as sellers expect it to be 
Allows easy integration with the Shopify storeSudden stock shortages disrupt the supply chain
Offers market research tools to find hot products  

4.     Dropified

Dropified is the ultimate platform focusing on automating several steps along the way. Their team source winning products for sellers, automate maximum tasks for results, and help you earn profits easily. They send weekly Insiders Report™ mentioning best-selling products to sell in your store.

You can easily integrate products into your store by sourcing them from eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, and other supported sites. You can also list all products on the Facebook Marketplace for free. The automated pricing further helps you to set product prices based on shipping costs, profits, etc., or create BOGOs.

Free 14-day trial Clustered interface with many features 
Weekly report with winning products and related dataUnfriendly User Interface, not good for beginners
Easy to use and affordable platform  

5.     DropShipping One

DropShipping One is a platform connecting suppliers with online sellers. DropShipping One directly connects with companies selling hot products. The best thing is there is no commercial brokerage fee. They have a list of niche producers and distributors rather than local suppliers. There’s even a chance to form exclusive contracts with specific suppliers. 

Unlike other platforms, DropShipping One allows you to create free company cards for marketing purposes. As a result, this platform is perfect for manufacturers and online sellers to scale their businesses and earn maximum profits. The online directory is free, but online sellers need to purchase a subscription for complete access to the database.

Meeting point for online sellers and suppliersNew platform 
No brokerage fees Limited products to sell
Suppliers can get visibility service for free 
The free public area of suppliers for online sellers 

6.     AutoDS

Last on the list is AutoDS helping online sellers find trending products, monitor their prices, and start selling instantly. About 67,000+ entrepreneurs trust AutoDS for its excellent service. You can find products from the US, China, and worldwide suppliers in no time. In addition, it gives you the leverage to compare the prices of each product, reviews, etc., to make a decision.

With just one click, you can import the product to your store. You can also automate all dropshipping orders to reduce the chance of errors. Start dropshipping from AliExpress, Etsy, Walmart, and other places. 

All-in-one automated dropshipping systemUI needs improvement 
Bulk listers available on the platform 
Multiple dropshipping accounts to sell items  
Real-time monitoring and performance analysis tools  

Start Dropshipping Now by Finding Winning Products 

Finding trending and winning dropshipping products is difficult, but the abovementioned platforms have made the process easier. So, whether you choose AutoDS,, or SaleHoo—you will get value for money and save a lot of time on product research.

You can sync your store with the products you want to sell on the market. Dropshipping is a profitable business model, but many people fail due to wrong product selection. Save yourself from the trouble and sign up for any of the dropshipping platforms to find suppliers and the right products. 

If you need advice and information on how to start a Dropshipping store, check out these Dropshipping courses from experienced Dropshippers right now.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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