How to Make $100K + a Year in 2023 (Best Proven Methods)

Without a shadow of a doubt, everyone is struggling hard to be on a roll. Are you also chasing your target but didn’t hit it till the day? What’s your target? 100K+ a year? Well, that’s not a big deal. 

You might be wondering how it’s not a big deal. Man, we’re here to help you know how to make 100K a year. No! We won’t present a list as long as your arm with all ineffective ways. Instead, we’ve designed this content after deep research combining the guaranteed and fastest ways to make 100K a year. 

So, let’s move forward to welcome a hefty income this year! 

How to Make 100K a Year? 5 Guaranteed Ways with Complete Details

You won’t disagree that the internet is full of ways to make rags to riches. But most of them will be money-sucking, while some will be full of hurdles. Here are the top five ways that will give you guaranteed results. 

These include,

  • Opt for an Online Business
  • Start a Blog and Earn $100K + a Year
  • Hit Your Target by Becoming a Freelancer on Fiverr 
  • Work as a Dasher and Earn $100K a Year 
  • How to Earn 100k a Year by Investing in LEX Markets?

Let’s now move toward the complete details of all the above mentioned ways. 

1. Opt for an Online Business

There’s no denying that starting an online business is a second-to-none strategy to make a huge income, like $100K a year or more. Even if you start an eCommerce store, it will start giving you revenue of $127,000 per month after a year. 

That’s because online businesses offer you the potential for high scalability, the facility to not invest in pricey offices, the freedom to work from home, and whatnot. In short, online businesses minimize the huge costs that offline businesses mostly demand. So, do you want to know more about how to make $100K a year online? Okay, these three master plans will give you guaranteed results. 

Let’s have a glance at these.

i. Go with Dropshipping

Selling different products on your site without buying the stock yourself is Dropshipping. Each product costs you at the wholesale rate. And you add a markup to get profit. But your profit margin must be realistic and around 20-30% so that the customers become willing to pay the amount. 

When you get any order on your website, you notify the supplier, and that’s all. The rest of everything is to be done from the supplier’s end, from packaging to shipping the product. 

A Pro Tip!

Here you must know that the higher the price of the product, the more profit will be. So it’s better to go for high-priced products mainly. But this doesn’t mean saying no to low-priced products. They give you the benefit of regular income. 

You’ll be amazed that drop shippers earn between $1000 to $5000 per month. And on average, they make about $100K a year or even more. Doubtlessly, this is the easiest way to make 100K a year. So why not kick off this business today? 

Best Dropshipping Niches: Kitchen and grocery, health and personal care, tools and home improvement, wardrobe and accessories, camera and cell phone accessories, and office products are the best niches to start your dropshipping business.  

ii. Shopify is Your Best Business Partner!

When someone asks you, “how to make $100K in a couple months?” Shopify is the best answer. It’s an e-commerce platform that allows you to make an online store. This way, you can sell your products through social media or websites. 

Even if you have a small Shopify store, it will give you a monthly income of $1000 to $1500. But you can also make it to $10,000 per month by following some serious Dropshipping strategies. And how can you think that it won’t cross $100K a year? 

Trending Niches: According to Shopify, power tool accessories, pet accessories including toys, laptop batteries, watch accessories, wedding dresses, motor vehicle parts, and slipcovers have high global order growth so consider these niches to start your online business. 

iii. Consider Flippa for Your Business, and Thank Us Later!

You might be asking yourself; what can I do to make 100k a year? Bring yourself out of confusion by picking Flippa to start your online business. That’s because buying and selling websites, domains, or apps also fall in the category of online business. And Flippa is a ninja in this regard. 

Flippa showed that if you have a five year old eCommerce business in the craft industry, making 180,000 a month, you can easily sell it at $4200,000 at Flippa. And that’s really amazing!

Most Suitable Niches: Flippa has presented some evergreen niches, including health and wellness, money and finances, food, and recipes. Education and eCommerce are also included. 

2. Start a Blog and Earn $100K + a Year

In order to hit 100K+ a year, you must add starting a blog to your bucket list. No doubt, starting a blog demands a lot of hard work. But the income from affiliate links and ad revenue will surely help you make a mint. 

Stop here if you’re worried about the heavy investments you’ll have to make on a website domain, website template, or hosting! We have the best solution for you. WordPress offers you to start your blog without any investment. Yes, for free! It won’t go wrong if we summarize this point in five words; “less investment and more income”.

3. Hit Your Target by Becoming a Freelancer on Fiverr

Ah! Here comes one of the most suitable answers to “how to make 100,000 a year?” Yes, my friend, it’s by becoming a freelancer on Fiverr. Let us break it to you; the top seller copywriters make about $10,000 per month on Fiverr, which makes almost $120,000 per annum. So, if you want to know how to make more than 100k per year, copywriting on Fiverr is the best answer. 

Not just copywriting but content writing, web development, graphic designing, and social media management are Fiverr’s most in-demand freelancing services. So, pick one that you feel is most suitable according to your interests. 

4. Work as a Dasher and Earn $100K a Year 

Earning an inspiring income of 100K a year isn’t just restricted to dropshipping, freelancing, or blogging. Earning this amount can become possible even if you are a dasher at Doordash. As a dasher, you can get hourly earnings of $23 to $25 or even more in some big cities. 

But how?

When a customer places an order on Doordash, you pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. Ta-dah! It’s that simple to earn money with this platform. 

5. How to Earn 100k a Year by Investing in LEX Markets?

When it comes to knowing “how can I make 100k a year”, how can we forget to talk about investment in LEX Markets? You can now buy shares of commercial real estate buildings and earn a good income. Not just this, but you can also sell those shares without restriction. 

So how do LEX Markets work? 

You have to invest a minimum of $250. But if you want to make $100k a year, it will definitely take a good amount of investment. LEX Markets will allow you to combine your investment with other investors. Once combined, you can invest that amount in real estate projects. Resultantly, you’ll get your earnings. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have got all about how to make 100K a year. Don’t be fooled by the worthless ways that every second blog provides. Instead, follow any of the above-discussed ways and make yourself proud by hitting the target of 100K a year. 

From drop shipping to investing in LEX Markets, we are super confident that all of our presented ways will pay you off. If you have any other amazing way to make $100K a year online, share it with us. Or if you also have any queries, you are welcome to reach us through the comments section. 

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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