How to Make $2,000 a Month Consistently in 2023

Imagine if you had an extra $2,000 every month. It is no easy feat but worth it. No more stressful work with overwhelming demands. No more worrying about career growth. No more wondering whether your salary would last the month. 

The best part is, you can do it at home or anywhere you want. You can even become a digital nomad and make some cash during vacation. The extra money can help you pay off your credit cards, make a deposit on the car you are eyeing or travel the globe. 

Regardless of your ultimate goal, you can quickly boost your bank account. However, you may wonder whether it is even possible to persistently earn $2,000 a month or even $5,000 a month. Explore the numerous methods which you can do anytime, any place!

1. Shopify Dropshipping (Shopify)

The best way to earn $2,000 is to use the Shopify for dropshipping. This low-risk business model requires no investment and no inventory stock. Your primary task is to establish your webpage and brand name. Once you set up, you will ensure that your customer’s orders are fulfilled. It is how the dropshipping method operates:

  • A customer orders an item from the store
  • A third-party supplier takes care of the direct shipping
  • You pre-set the retail price for the customer to pay
  • You pay the supplier at the original wholesale price
  • You keep the profit

You can pick any supplier, such as AliExpress, SaleHoo, Megagoods, and lots more. Some dedicated drop shippers have also reported making over $8,000 a month! You just have to do competitive research and find the right profitable products and a high-quality supplier to grow your business exponentially. 

The best part of this wholesale business is that you do not need storage for inventory, not a huge capital investment. To benefit from this business model, you need to set prices and shipping costs which would add up to a good profit margin. Furthermore, develop excellent marketing strategies to stand out from your rivals. 

2. Crypto Trading (Bybit)

Another way you can use when thinking how to make $2,000 a month consistently is through crypto trading. These pure digital assets have rapidly developed and increased in value and popularity in recent years. The ways to earn crypto include:

  • Spot Trading
  • Derivatives Trading
  • Yield Farming
  • Crypto Mining
  • Crypto Lending
  • Bybit Earn

When you make a crypto investment, you need to maximize short-term profits by setting a trigger price. So naturally, this amount will always be higher than the original value. In 2021, 59.1 million Americans were reported to own one or other form of cryptocurrency. Bybit is a modernized trading method for newbies, investors, and experienced traders. 

If you are just kicking off on your journey to make $2,000 a month frequently, you can start by investing in the Crypto exchange. Another popular way is to use your coin to stake and lend coins to the system. 

Further, you can participate in the blockchain system. It will earn you coin rewards for any work done. Crypto assets are incredibly volatile and better suited to a buy-and-hold strategy. However, they do have enormous long-term growth potential.

3. Freelancing (Fiverr)

When you think of how to regularly make $2,000 a month, you may question how much freelancers earn. The global hourly rate of freelancers was $26 in 2021, going over $45,000 annually. It means you can earn $2,000 a month consistently, even if you work less than 40 hours every week. 

You can check out the ever-popular site, Fiverr, and set up your gig to make money out of any existing skill you have. The options range widely from copywriting to web designing, video making to programming. Ensure to research properly and pick a high-paying skill that you can use to provide top-notch service. Offer a demanding service and invest adequate time to promote your gig. 

4. Sell Your Skills on Upwork

If you believe you have the right skills and can deliver premium quality services, you can sell your skills on Upwork. The beginners’ hourly pay rates on Upwork range from $11-34, depending on the skill you’re offering. It means that you can earn as much as a full-time income by putting in enough time.

When building your profile, pay extra attention to details such as your past work portfolio, improving proposals, looking professional, and being actively online. As soon as you bag some excellent reviews, start looking for more significant higher-paying projects. It is how you can earn $2,000 a month online. 

5. Invest in the Stock Market

Another way you can consistently make $2,000 a month is by investing in the stock market. One beginner-friendly site is Robinhood. You can start by investing as little as $1. The site will hold stocks for you, which will pay dividends. Moreover, you can earn when your assets appreciate, basically when you sell something higher than your purchase price. 

Another great choice for newbies is eToro. It has a highly user-friendly trading platform that can balance valuable tools and features. Furthermore, you can use it on the go as it has an easy-to-use mobile trading app

Any newcomer should check out the Stake site. Here you will have multiple share trading opportunities. The platform offers more than 8,000 stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds). You can also earn interest on cash put into the US brokerage accounts. 

Final Thoughts

Whether an early bird or a night owl, these options allow you to make $2,000 a month around the clock. The key to success is to pick something that genuinely interests you and gives you joy. 

Freelancing, crypto, stock investment, and becoming a Shopify drop shipper are some ways to achieve this momentous goal. There may be ups and downs, but generating a steady income is real. 

On top of all, whether you are a stay-at-home mum, or a banker looking to make extra cash, the options are limitless. However, the key to seeing results is to drive with determination, take action, and keep practicing until you reach your goals!

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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