How to Make Money While Traveling the World In 2022

Hands in the air if you dream of traveling the world but can’t due to money issues! It’s pretty frustrating, right? Most people save up a fraction of their paychecks from their full-time jobs each month until they have enough to travel. How about if you can make money while traveling anywhere around the globe?

You can work remotely in 2022-2023 to have more flexibility, being your boss at a beach, on an island, or in the tropics. You can create a schedule to have a better balance between your professional and personal lives. We came up with five brilliant ideas while thinking of ways to make money while traveling.

1. Dropshipping

This business model is a fantastic way to relax on your hotel balcony and make money while traveling. The best part is that you do not need any inventory stock or high capital investment to kick-start your business. As a result, this rising e-commerce industry is expected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025.

The dropshipping process operates by setting up an online store, keeping your products aligned with your target market. When a customer orders from your store, it will be directly shipped to them from your supplier through a third-party shipper. The customer will pay you the retail price you set, and you keep the profit after paying your supplier at the wholesale rate. 

The key to this low-risk, vastly scalable business’s success is finding a high-quality supplier from platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, AliExpress, etc. Furthermore, ensure that your store is user-friendly with a quick, simple check-out method. Set your prices and shipping costs carefully for a good profit margin. 

2. Freelancing

There is something for everyone out there with numerous freelancing platforms on the internet, such as FiverrUpwork,, and SimplyHired. You can pick anything from data analysis to web creation, graphic design to copywriting. The options are endless. 

For maximum benefit, it is fundamental that you build up a high paying skill that you can use to deliver excellent service digitally. You can start off by designing a killer portfolio with a few of your best samples, a professional profile, and staying actively online. You could start a blog to write about your travel experiences or create business web pages while on the road. 

Ensure to keep yourself organized so you can have a list of tasks, contracts to manage, and deadlines to meet. An extensive study concluded that independent workers in the US could earn over $150,000 annually. So freelancing is one way to go if you are wondering how to travel full-time and make money! 

3. Trading

If you are into finances and like to keep yourself updated with market rates, you can check out Crypto trading as a great way to make money while traveling. A popular method is investing in reputable Crypto exchanges, such as Gemini and Kraken, without owning any Crypto tokens.

You can use your coin to stake and lend to the system if you already own Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or more. Another way is by mining into Crypto’s backbone, the blockchain system. The strategy for succeeding in the volatile Crypto industry is to have the right technical and analytical skills. 

Forex trading is an alternative way to play successfully with money. You can make GBP30,000 in your first year if you are dedicated enough. The Forex industry has deep liquidity with global access 24 hours, five days a week. When contemplating how to make money while traveling, you can buy and sell international currency pairs and hope for a price raise afterward. 

To be ahead in the Forex trading game, educate yourself on basic Forex trading terms such as Currency pairs, PIP, Base and Quote currency, Bid and Ask price, Spread, and Lots. 

4. Consulting

You do not need to be an expert or have qualifications to sell your services. You just need adequate knowledge on the said subject to help you solve a problem. You must select a profitable niche to serve as a consultant. Then, you can set up an online consulting agency for anything from financials to marketing, sales, accounting, and strategic planning.

After establishing your valuable niche, you will need excellent marketing strategies to create a digital footprint for your brand. Aim to design a professional outlook according to your target audience, which will attract potential clients and make money while traveling. You can use your network or a referral system to get the word out.

For guaranteed success in the consulting agency, be sure to provide the utmost quality customer service so that your clients will leave fantastic reviews on your platform. Once your brand gets the hype, and everyone is raving about your service, you can even turn it into a source of passive income.  

5. Marketing (Launch your own SMMA agency)

You can be a solo digital nomad and launch your own social media marketing agency if you are wondering about more ways to make money while traveling. The first and foremost thing to do is to narrow down your demographics until you determine your target audience and pick a high-paying niche. 

This kind of marketing widely ranges across research and analysis on social media platforms, account creation, branding, growth, content publishing, social media consulting, and lots more. Before diving into social media marketing, it is vital that you research and understand the market and what clients want. 

You must create a strong value proposition to offer your clients by establishing unique selling points when you pitch to your potential customers. Ensure to create a credible user-friendly website and showcase your client testimonials. After setting up your competitive price plans, use an easy payment method such as hourly, monthly, or project-based to stand out from your rivals. 


You can now see that you do not need a big fat budget to travel. Instead, you can make money while traveling and explore more of what the world offers. All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone. Having a laptop is an additional bonus. The way to enjoy and balance your work-play life is by setting up a schedule and keeping yourself organized.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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