Making a Million Dollars with Little or No Money Down: 10 Ways to Achieve Financial Success

1. Sell Something for a Million Dollars

Create value for someone else and sell it. Provide a service, such as increasing the conversion rate for an e-commerce store, and earn a percentage of the value you create. Learn the skills needed to provide valuable services and sell them.

2. Borrow a Million Dollars

Use real estate to your advantage. Borrow money to buy an asset, place tenants in the asset, and let them pay off the money. You can make significant profits by buying and selling properties without investing your own money.

Success Story

A friend started flipping houses, then moved on to commercial real estate, making more money with every transaction.

3. Refinance for More Than You Bought

Refinance an underpriced property and make a profit without putting money down. It takes persistence and negotiation, but it’s possible to secure deals that allow you to refinance and profit from the difference.

4. Sell Contracts

Options contracts allow you to buy something at a future date at a predetermined price. Find undervalued properties, get an option contract, and sell the contract to a real estate investor for a profit without ever owning the asset.

5. Sell Expensive Items for Commission

Become a real estate agent or broker and sell high-priced properties. Earn commissions from selling expensive items, such as skyscrapers or luxury residences.

6. Buy Early and Sell Later

Invest in scarce resources, like pre-IPO stocks or NFTs, and sell them later when demand increases. This requires some initial investment, but the profits can be significant.

7. Sell Units of Stuff

Create a scalable business by selling units of a product or service. Determine the number of units you need to sell weekly to reach your income goal, and focus on increasing sales or the value of each unit to grow your revenue.

8. Acquire Businesses for No Money Down

Combine multiple small businesses into one larger business without investing your own money. Negotiate deals where you pay the previous owner’s income for a set period, and then own and profit from the combined business.

Success Story

A friend combined four small businesses into a $4 million top line, $1.5 million bottom line business without any money out of pocket.

9. Promote Other People’s Products

Become an affiliate marketer by promoting products you genuinely enjoy. Earn commissions from recommending and selling products without creating your own.

10. Arbitrage

Arbitrage is buying low in one market and selling high in another. Make profits from the price difference between markets. This can be done with physical products, cryptocurrencies, or lending money.


These 10 methods can help you make a million dollars with little or no money down. Focus on creating value for others, leveraging real estate, and looking for arbitrage opportunities. Remember, successful people think about providing value rather than how much they can make per hour or year. With persistence and determination, you can achieve financial success without significant upfront investment.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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