Portugal’s New Visa Attracts Digital Nomads for Temporary and Permanent Stays


Portugal recently introduced a new visa aimed at digital nomads, allowing them to stay or settle in the country for a certain period of time. This initiative follows in the footsteps of other countries that have created similar visas to entice remote workers. The Portuguese government is now accepting applications, providing remote workers with exciting opportunities for temporary and permanent stays.

The Two Categories of Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

The new visa has two distinct categories, targeting remote workers who plan to stay temporarily for up to one year and digital nomads seeking residency in Portugal.

Requirements for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

To qualify for the two types of visas, remote workers must prove a monthly income four times the amount of the current minimum income in Portugal and provide a work contract or proof of self-employment. Digital nomads can apply for the visa at a Portuguese consulate in their home country, or if already in Portugal, through an expression of interest with the Foreign Borders Office.

Portugal’s Long-Running D7 Visa for International Workers

Portugal has long been appealing to international workers with its D7 visa, which permits individuals to live and work in the country as long as they earn more than the minimum wage. However, the new digital nomad visa differs in that it specifically targets people willing to temporarily relocate, offering them a taste of living and working in Portugal without the long-term commitment.

Benefits of Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

The new digital nomad visa provides numerous benefits to remote workers and digital nomads, including the opportunity to experience life in Portugal, a country known for its beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate, and friendly locals. Moreover, the visa allows remote workers to expand their professional networks, gain international exposure, and potentially improve their quality of life.

How to Apply for Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

Interested applicants can begin the application process by visiting a Portuguese consulate in their home country or by submitting an expression of interest with the Foreign Borders Office if they are already in Portugal. Additionally, they can seek guidance from investment migration firms like Global Citizen Solutions, which specialize in matching investors with suitable golden visa programs or tax benefits.

Stay Informed About Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

As the digital nomad visa gains traction, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest updates and requirements. Those interested in learning more about the visa can find resources in the description of the video mentioned above or by visiting GlobalCitizenSolutions.com. They can also get in touch with the experts at Global Citizen Solutions directly through their website for personalized assistance.


In conclusion, Portugal’s new digital nomad visa presents a unique opportunity for remote workers and digital nomads seeking to temporarily or permanently reside in the country. With requirements in place to ensure a steady income and the option to apply from one’s home country or within Portugal, this visa opens the door to an enhanced quality of life and an invaluable international experience. Stay informed and explore the possibilities offered by Portugal’s digital nomad visa today.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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