The Easiest EU Schengen Residencies You Can Get


The Schengen visa allows access to not only one particular country but to all of the Schengen zone, typically about 24 countries. This also grants freedom of travel throughout the region, potentially leading to citizenship. This blog post will discuss the easiest countries to immigrate to or get a Schengen visa for, focusing on countries within the Schengen zone.

Top 5 Easiest Schengen Residencies

1. Slovakia

Slovakia has a relatively easy program for obtaining residency by setting up a business. With a modest investment into your company and relatively low costs for legal fees, you can get a Slovakian residency that can lead to citizenship.

2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has similar requirements as Slovakia but can be slightly more challenging in some aspects. Like Slovakia, this path leads to citizenship if you’re willing to go through the process.

3. Lithuania

Lithuania offers relatively easy and inexpensive residency options. By setting up a business and connecting to the community, you can obtain residency and eventually citizenship.

4. Spain

Spain has various programs, both on the entrepreneurial side and for retired individuals. However, Spain’s aggressive tax policies may make it less attractive for some people.

5. Portugal

Portugal has two main paths for residency: the D7 visa (retirement path) and the investor visa. With the non-habitual residency program, you can obtain a favorable tax structure for 10 years. The path to citizenship is also relatively easy, making Portugal an attractive option.

Golden Visa Programs

Golden visa programs offer residency with minimal stay requirements and more flexibility. The following countries offer golden visa programs:

1. Spain

Requires an investment of at least €500,000.

2. Latvia

Requires an investment of €250,000. Entrenching yourself in the business community and being involved can accelerate your path to citizenship.

3. Greece

Greece offers a competitive program with a lower investment requirement. However, the path to citizenship is not as clear, as Greece is less inclined to give away citizenship.

4. Portugal

With an investment as low as €280,000, Portugal offers a relatively low barrier to entry, a nice climate, easy dealings, tax-favorable consequences, and an easy path to citizenship.


The easiest ways to immigrate to the Schengen Zone and gain freedom quickly, easily, and inexpensively are through the countries mentioned above, all of which can potentially lead to citizenship. To explore these options further or seek assistance, consider booking a call with a professional or visiting helpful websites such as and

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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