The New Armenian Citizenship by Investment Program: Is It Worth It?

Armenia: The Easiest Residency in the World

Armenia currently offers the easiest and fastest residency process in the world. All you need to do is go to Armenia for about three days, fill out some forms, pay a fee, and within 25 days, you’ll have your residency card. The catch? You need to spend about five or six thousand dollars, and while there’s a possibility of getting that money back someday, it’s not guaranteed.

Armenia as a Flag: Don’t Rule It Out Just Yet

Armenia is often dismissed as a flag due to its ongoing problems with Azerbaijan. However, there are several types of flags, such as economic flags, residency flags, passport flags, and recreational flags. While Armenia might not be ideal for living 12 months out of the year, it’s still a great option for a passport flag, residency flag, and in some cases, an economic flag. So, if you’re considering using Armenia as a flag, don’t let its geopolitical issues discourage you.

Citizenship by Investment: Guaranteed Citizenship for a Price

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs require you to invest a substantial amount of money into a country’s economy. In return, you are granted guaranteed citizenship and a passport. This option is more suitable for individuals with higher income or assets, as the investment typically ranges in six figures.

The New Armenian Citizenship by Investment Program: Multiple Options Available

The Armenian CBI program, set to pass in the coming months, offers various investment options. Some of these options guarantee a return on your investment, while others do not.

The Different Investment Options

  1. A $150,000 donation to a scientific or educational foundation.
  2. A $100,000 investment in an IT company or venture fund within Armenia.
  3. A $150,000 investment in a company with a 10-year holding period.
  4. A $150,000 purchase of government bonds with a 7-year holding period.
  5. A $150,000 purchase of real estate with a 10-year holding period.
  6. Having 20+ years of work experience in a publicly traded IT company.
  7. Having 10+ years of work experience in science and offering 5+ scientific articles.
  8. Engaging in the dissemination and preservation of Armenian culture, heritage, and identity.
  9. Holding a scientific title or professorship in healthcare.

Don’t Wait to Set Up Your Flags

It’s important to act quickly when considering setting up your flags, as the process will only become more difficult and expensive over time. Armenia’s new CBI program offers various options for those interested in gaining citizenship by investment, making it an attractive choice for many.

Do-It-For-You Residency Services

For those interested in obtaining residency in countries like Paraguay, Dubai, Armenia, and Mexico, there are do-it-for-you residency services available. These services take care of all the accommodations, transportation, legal fees, and appointment scheduling, making the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


In conclusion, Armenia’s new Citizenship by Investment program offers an array of options for those looking to gain citizenship in the country. While its geopolitical issues may deter some, Armenia remains an attractive option for various types of flags, including passport and residency flags. With multiple investment options available, the Armenian CBI program could be a worthwhile choice for those with the means to invest.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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