The Top 15 Easiest Countries for Digital Nomads to Live In


The lifestyle of digital nomads is increasingly popular as it allows them to work from anywhere in the world. This blog post will explore the top 15 easiest countries to live in for digital nomads based on factors such as cost of living, visa availability, and connectivity.

1. Georgia

Georgia offers a visa called “Remotely from Georgia” for those seeking a permanent base. With stunning landscapes and a growing popularity, digital nomads can enjoy a year-long stay with minimal income requirements.

2. Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical paradise with one of the quickest visa processing times in the world. The Premium Visa program allows digital nomads to experience the country’s stunning beauty with their spouse, making it an attractive destination.

3. Portugal

Portugal is a popular European destination for digital nomads due to its favorable climate, economic development, and quality of life. Though there is no specific digital nomad visa, the country offers fixed income and entrepreneur visas that can be renewed up to five years.

4. Malta

Malta’s digital nomad visa is valid for one year and allows for a worry-free stay on the island. The family-friendly visa guarantees fun with Malta’s warm weather, beach living, and traditional fireworks.

5. Estonia

Estonia is a pioneer in the digital nomad visa realm, offering a one-year visa for foreigners with minimal requirements. The innovative economy and natural beauty make it a sought-after destination.

6. Cyprus

Cyprus offers a digital nomad visa that allows applicants to live and work in the Mediterranean country. With its lush environment and government push for financial and technological advancements, Cyprus is an attractive choice.

7. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda’s two-year digital nomad visa offers a tax haven and peace of mind for remote workers. However, the cost of living on the island nation is relatively high.

8. Montenegro

Montenegro is quickly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads, thanks to its stunning coastal towns and affordable living costs. Though a digital nomad visa is in the works, temporary residence permits are available with straightforward requirements.

9. Albania

Albania offers a budget-friendly retreat for digital nomads, with generous visa policies allowing for stays up to one year without a visa for citizens of select countries. A digital nomad visa is currently in draft form.

10. Mexico

Mexico is a favorite destination for digital nomads due to its beautiful landscapes and affordable living costs. The country offers a six-month tourist visa and a temporary resident visa for longer stays.

11. UAE

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, offers a one-year virtual working program for digital nomads. The zero income tax policy and access to resident benefits make it an attractive destination.

12. Hungary

Hungary offers the “White Card” digital nomad visa, one of the easiest and cheapest options available. The Central European country is an affordable option for those seeking a good life for less.

13. Thailand

Thailand has long been a favorite destination for digital nomads, with options such as the Smart Visa and a new 10-year visa for wealthy digital nomads. The Land of Smiles offers a welcoming environment and flexible visa policies.

14. Taiwan

Taiwan is an appealing destination for digital nomads, thanks to its fast internet, friendly locals, and access to healthcare. Taipei is a top digital nomad hub, but the country does not have a program specifically targeting digital nomads.

15. Georgia

Georgia, a small country nestled between Europe and Asia, has rapidly gained popularity as a base for digital nomads, particularly in its capital city, Tbilisi. With visa-free entry for people from 95 countries and the ability to stay up to 365 days, it’s no wonder Georgia is topping our list.


In conclusion, the rise of remote work has opened up a world of possibilities for digital nomads. With countries like Georgia, Mauritius, Portugal, and more offering attractive visa programs and a high quality of life, the decision to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle has never been easier. So pack your bags, grab your laptop, and start exploring the world while working remotely in one of these fantastic countries.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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