The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Dubai

Arriving in Dubai and Getting a SIM Card

When you first arrive in Dubai, ensure you have a visa or a passport that doesn’t require one. Once you’re in the city, get a local SIM card from companies like Etisalat or Du for reliable mobile connectivity.

Renting Apartments and Accommodation

For temporary stays, consider Airbnb options around the city. For long-term rentals, use websites like to find apartments, villas, or townhouses. Keep in mind that payments are typically made with checks or bank transfers, and you may need an Emirates ID to rent an apartment.

Transportation in Dubai

If you plan to drive in Dubai, exchange your international driving license for a local one at the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Alternatively, use Uber to travel throughout the city.

Opening a Bank Account in Dubai

To open a bank account in Dubai, visit a local bank branch or seek professional help for a faster process. Be prepared for possible delays due to compliance and verification requirements.

Networking and Socializing

To meet like-minded people in Dubai, attend networking events, conferences, or expos. Use platforms like, Facebook, or LinkedIn to find events that suit your interests.

Insurance in Dubai

Visit to compare and select personal or business insurance plans, including health, home, and car insurance.

Food Delivery in Dubai

For food delivery options, use apps like Deliveroo or Uber Eats to order from a wide variety of restaurants in the city.

Schools in Dubai

If you’re moving to Dubai with family, explore the numerous international schools available throughout the city.

Exploring and Understanding the City Structure

Dubai is well-connected with the Sheikh Zayed Road linking downtown to marina and other smaller areas. Key locations include the Dubai International Airport, Downtown Dubai, Creek Harbor, Silicon Oasis, Al-Barsha, the Palm, Marina, Blue Water Island, Jumeirah Village Circle and Triangle, and various beaches.


By following this guide, you can ensure a smooth transition to life in Dubai, from obtaining a visa and finding accommodation to navigating the city and enjoying its vibrant social scene.

Thomas Raynott

Thomas Raynott

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